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9/31/17 -Jason just sold our home past home while helping us with the purchase of our new home. Things outside of normal control, and numerous glitches in the purchase of our new construction home were managed and handled by Jason. Some of the unforeseen set backs threatened to cause issues with the sale of our past home, but those issues were handled immediately and directly by Jason. we trusted Jason and his strategy, and in return We received multiple offers on on the first day we place our home on the market. All offers were above asking price and by qualified buyers. Jason worked nights, weekends and on his birthday to manage the sale and purchase of our homes. The communications with finance, eacrow, the builder, the construction managers and all inspections on the house we sold. Jason did a job that I honestly believe, no other agent could have done. 3/2017 Jason is known as the “go-to” real estate professional in our area. When we considered a quick sale on our home in order to purchase a new home in a nearby desirable area. Jason went into action and helped lay out our options. He has a great relationship with the builder and after being pre approved, they allowed us to put a contingent offer because of their relationship with Jason. Ultimately, Jason gave us realistic information and helped us in our decision process. We decided to keep our home and remodel and Jason’s honest assistance was extremely appreciated. He even offered referrals and made it clear that we can call on him at anytime for help. His process makes you feel like you don’t just have an agent, you have a friend working for you.


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